Most companies consider a retrofit, by using some sheet metal screws to attach an Induction lamp to the fixtures HID reflector and call it good. The existing metal reflector in a fixture is designed to work best with the Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium lamp they came with …. not an Induction lamp! Even brand new Induction fixtures are sold like this, with no consideration for the reflector.

Our Induction Light Reflectors put out more lumen with same energy consumption

Change 1000 watt to 300 watt Induction Lighting
Change 1000w Metal Halide to 300w Induction Lighting

ILR Reflectors improve lumen output by more than 30%, over installing an Induction lamp into a standard HID metal reflector. One example would be, to replace a 400w HPS or MH with a 200w Induction lamp is common practice. Using an ILR Reflector will only require a 150w Induction lamp for the same retrofit, to maximize savings.

Another consideration is sustainability!

Induction lighting retrofits have become quite popular because they utilize the existing light fixture, rather than scrapping it and replacing with new ones, also think of the energy that is required to manufacture and transport new fixtures.

ILR Reflector Modules require much less labor time than removing an existing fixture and installing a new one.

For example change 100 street lights with Induction Light Reflectors (retro fits)

200 watt Reflector for Induction Lighting vs. bad mirror HID reflector
200w Reflector for Induction Lighting vs. bad mirror HID reflector

One example would be a small city with one hundred street lights. To pay an Electrician $70 hr for one fixture each hour = $7,000. Now compare a retrofit using ILR Modules only requires a Lamp Changer @ $25 hr for two lamps each hour = $1,250.
It is a saving you of $5,750 and the job is done in half the time, with very little scrap material to remove.

Induction Lighting is energy efficiency using beautiful, more natural light

Induction Lighting is the leading technology for energy efficiency, particularly in parking lot and street light.

“Retrofitting has been recognized as the fastest, easiest & most economic way to maximize investments in energy efficiency and sustainability, due to its high quality white-light and low upfront cost, compared to other technologies for dependability and very long life”.

Induction lights have the shortest payback of any lighting technology and with the right reflector, can further their energy savings by maximizing lumen output.


Autodealer new Induction Light - Carpark Nissan Valejo
Before and after Induction Lighting – carpark Nissan Valejo

Induction Lighting lasts longer than LED: 50,000 vs. 100,000 hrs

Induction lighting is being recognized as the longest life lamp with real world energy saving potential higher than LED and any other technologies. Induction lights are 50% more efficient than CFL’s, and cuts energy usage of traditional lamps like Mercury Vapor, Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium by more than 50%. Most LED streetlight companies say their lights are rated at 50,000 hours with minimal testing and field data at equivalent wattage, while Induction lighting has a lifespan potential of over 100,000 hours and a service life of more than 70% at 60,000 hours. It is also a very environmentally friendly solution that symbolizes reduction, recycle, and reuse.


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Why Induction lighting retrofit, using ILR Reflectors?