Induction Lighting Retrofit with ILR Reflectors

Induction Lighting - Retro fit - doelcher

Why Retrofit with ILR Reflectors and Induction Lighting?

  • Save Money and Energy Savings; Up to 70% savings in energy costs
  • No Maintenance; Rated for 100,000 hours, that’s more than 22 years of night time lighting
  • Low Cost; ILR retrofits cost about 50% less than LED fixtures or retrofits.
  • Quality of Light; Induction light, the highest quality light source available.
  • More Light per Watt; Less wattage is required with ILR Reflectors
  • Variety; ILR Reflectors are available from 40w to 300w
  • Versatility; ILR Reflectors fit most light fixtures.
  • Sustainability; Retrofitting helps to save the environment
  • Made in USA; ILR Reflectors are manufactured in the USA!
  • Appearance; Fixtures with ILR Reflectors look great!


Induction Lighting and ILR Reflectors
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