Auto Dealers save $477 savings per light fixture, each year, with ILR Retrofits

Auto Dealer light fixtures normally have a 1,000w Metal Halide bulb that costs $677 per year to light.
The same light fixture with a ILR Reflector and a 300w Induction light, only costs $200 to operate each year, that is a savings of $477 per light fixture each year!

Many auto dealerships have 100 or more light fixtures. WOW! 100 fixtures = $47,700 savings every year, why would a Dealership not do this?

The advantages to retrofitting with Induction Lighting Reflectors (ILR) are;

1,000w MH above, 300w ILR Induction below
  1. No maintenance; Induction Lighting lasts more than 20 years, so cost of routine lighting maintenance reduces to $0!
  2. 70% Energy savings; When reducing from 1,000w Metal Halide to 300w Induction
  3. Better Security; No lights out, no dark shadows, great coverage, instant on!
  4. Low up front cost; Compared to a LED fixture or retrofit, ILR Retrofits cost about 50% less
  5. Longevity; Induction lights lasts 100,000 hours, that’s 2x longer than LED’s
  6. Quality of Light; Induction Lighting is the highest quality light source available
  7. More Sales; cars show better, sales improve!
  8. Lower Liability; Better lighting, safer sales lot


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70% energy savings with ILR Induction Retrofits for Auto Dealers
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